San francisco Gay Mens Chorus

The COIL Foundation worked with the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus and the Tyler Clementi Foundation to commission a major work honoring the life of Tyler Clementi.

The work is named Tyler’s Suite, and is a multimovement choral piece composed by world class composers gathered by composer Stephen Schwartz from a wide variety of musical styles. The unifying theme is Tyler’s life and love of music and the violin. The work features men’s chorus, solo violin and appropriate instrumental accompaniment  (Full Overview of the Tyler’s Suite Project).



Directors of COIL spent 10 days at the PC USA General Assembly in the summer of 2010, after a long springtime of building relationships with the primary organizations working within the denomination for LGBTQ rights. These organizations included More Light Presbyterians, Covenant Network, and That All May Freely Serve. Together with Soulforce, these groups delivered a book and DVD sponsored by the COIL Foundation to every Commissioner attending the 210th General Assembly. That summer, working on site with all these organizations, the Directors of COIL lobbied and volunteered on the issues of granting full rights of Marriage, Ordination, and Pensin benefits for LGBTQ people within the denomination. The Action culminated in the Directors of COIL and other volunteers joining Soulforce (other orgnizations did not participate) in exercising their rights to Civil Disobedience on the floor of the General Assembly. This led to some arrests, and much fruitful dialog amongst the various parties and opinion leaders. The debates on these issues continue within the PC (USA) denomination, with victories having eventually been achieved in the areas of Ordination rights and Pension benefits.



The COIL Foundation was asked by Soulforce to sponsor an important symposium countering Reparative Thereapy practices. Scheduled in the same city and on the same dates as the annual antigay NARTH symposium (National Association for the Research & Therapy of Homosexuality), the sumposium provided an opportunity to counter aggressive media campaigns of NARTH and provided an alternative perspective to the misinformation perpetuated by NARTH, Exodus International, and others opposed to acceptance of LGBTQI people in communities of faith. The sumposium selcomed LGBTQI persons and allies, survivors of “ex-gay” ministries and reparative theraphy, professional therapists and clergy in understanding the challenges of misinformation and harm perpetuated by reparative therapy

Faith in america

The COIL Foundation collaborated with Faith in America to create a web site to meet a unique and pressing need of LGBT youth. This collaborative effort included consulting on site design, content development and promoting the launch.

The target for this new site is LGBT youth living where stigma and hostility in their family and community toward homosexuality is driven by religious teaching, and this is a severely undeserved demographic. This tension is the primary stress factor in their lives. There are countless stories from young people about religion-based stigma and hostility being the No. 1 contributor to their emotional, psychological and spiritual distress.

Our goal was to create an online environment in which we cold communicate the positive outcomes associated with the intersection of sexual orientation and faith, and how LGBT orientation should not be viewed as incompatible with Christian teaching or the love a parent has for a child. The website seeks to create a comfortable, family-oriented web environment as a youth, parent, pastor, and guidance counselor resource.

The majority of content comes from straight, religious-minded people who are speaking a message of affirmation. Much of it is video messages from real people – kids, parents, grandparents, and pastors, elected officials – from different walks and from different faiths speaking a message tailored for this site.

many voices

The COIL Foundation was asked by Many Voices to fund a process for developing the Organizational Strategic Plan and a Plan for Financial Stability, as Many Voices moves from Founding to Sustainability and Growth mode. This project involves a six-month process using an experienced professional facilitator, Internal staff meetings, and several gatherings of nationally known experts to work in groups to develop models for growing Program, Goverance, Financial Sustainability and Marketing.

As an organization, Many Voices envisions a day when churches are known for their warm welcome of all people, without exception.

Their mission is to empower pastors and church members to affirm LGBTQ members. They have a offer high-quality, accessible worship and educational resource and educational tools, and act as a safe place to ask questions to learn, and to take new steps.