peter Drake, executive director

Peter Drake graduated from Stanford University and Stanford Business School, and owned a consulting firm serving non-profit board and staff leadership for many years. He also worked in Banking, Marketing, and Real Estate. Peter has served on over 15 non-profit boards and advisory groups.  He came out in 2009 as a gay man after a long straight marriage, and has two adult children, both of whom are gay. Peter has appeared on the Dr. Oz show, testified in the California State Senate, and currently serves on the board of the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus, the Grace Cathedral, and TurnOut.  He was a  Trustee of the Tyler Clementi Foundation. He is now the inaugural member of the TCF Advisory Council.  Along the way, his passion for music led him to envision “Tyler’s Suite,” and he was central to commissioning this powerful song cycle. Peter is newly married to Jared Moreno Drake; they make their home in the San Francisco Bay Area, and travel extensively.

Jared Moreno, director

Jared Moreno Drake has a background in mortgage banking and hospitality management, having worked for several companies in both Southern and Northern California.  He also has extensive volunteer non-profit experience with the AIDS Lifecycle Ride and the Being Alive service organization.

In 2015 he was selected by Being Alive as their Volunteer of the Year, and was awarded  at a ceremony organized by the leadership of the City of West Hollywood.  His work there included client seminars on healthy lifestyle, and overseeing Los Angeles City grant accounting and reporting.

Jared moved to the Bay Area permanently three years ago, and has participated with Peter in many of the COIL Foundation activities and outreach.  They were thrilled to marry at Grace Cathedral last year, and took a honeymoon trip through the Deep South leading the Entourage VIP group which accompanied the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Lavender Pen Tour.

Jared grew up in Southern California, and keeps in touch with a very extended and loving family.